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What should I pay attention to before buying electric bike?

What should I pay attention to before buying electric bike?

Sep 10,2022
Easier electric assistance allows more people to enjoy riding in commuting and leisure sports, healthy and environmentally friendly electric bikes are becoming the preferred choice for people to travel. Before really deciding to buy an electric bike, we should What do you know? How to choose the right motor system for your riding?

The following is to introduce some knowledge about electric power assist.
Motor type
Common electric assist systems are divided into mid-drive motor and hub motor according to the motor position.

In electric MTB, the layout of the Mid-drive motor with a lower center of gravity is usually used to obtain a centered and reasonable weight distribution, which will not affect the balance of the bike under fast driving, so as to obtain good handling. And the auxiliary power of the mid-drive motor acts directly on the BB,  which can automatically cut off the connection between the motor and the transmission system when not pedaling or when the battery is dead, so it will not cause additional resistance.

On the city commuter e-bike, the bike will not be manipulated too much, the road conditions are not as complicated as in the mountains and forests, and the climbing demand will not be so great, so the rear hub motor is equally effective.
For the riding environment, the e-bike requires the motor to have a higher torque output. Usually, the torque sensor is used to accurately detect the pedal torque, so as to understand the rider's intention, and even at a low cadence, it can be easier to ride on steep and complex roads, therefore, the torque output of e-bike motor is usually between 60Nm and 85Nm.

Designed for road e-bike, it pays more attention to the smooth performance of pedaling rhythm and the smooth and progressive performance of motor assistance, because there will be differences in the adjustment of power, and smooth pedaling under high-speed cruise does not require excessive power intervention, so the motor The torque output is generally not too large, which can ensure the strong performance of the rider in daily commuting use.
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